Self-organized Photo Storage

Never lose your favorite moments
Get your entire photo collection automatically organized, and available everywhere.
Key Features:
- Bank-level security
- Remarkable Search
- View photos on your TV
- Magically organizes your photos
- Works seamlessly with RAW formats
- Simple pricing: Free for 10 GB, $7/month for 1,000 GB
  • Auto-tags the people that matter to you

  • Auto-tags important landmarks

Made with ♥ in Seattle

About us

The thoughts behind Snapatr

Our Philosophy

We want to make your photos easy to find and easy to view where ever you are. Snapatr is your private, self-organized library available everywhere.

Painless Organization

With Snapatr you can easily view all your photos by date taken, by tags, and by source. Tagging groups of photos is painless. Not only that, we auto-tag your friends, family and even famous landmarks in your photos.

Remarkable Search

Our Remarkable Search allows you to quickly search through all your photos (even the untagged ones). Search for "beach", "waterfall", "mountains", "Italy" and immediately see a filtered list of your library.

All your photos on your TV

We're building apps for Chromecast, Roku and Fire TV that will let you see a slideshow of all your photos by date, source, tag or search result.

The Anti-Social Network

Flickr and Facebook are focused on getting you to share all your photos to the world. We are focused on making your images private. After all, they are your images - so you keep the rights to everything you store.

Store a lifetime of memories

Anyone paying a monthly subscription should never have to worry about running out of space. For $7/month you can store 1000 GB of photos - a lifetime of memories at fraction of the cost of Dropbox and iCloud.

The key is to integrate our art into our life, not the other way around.
― Brooks Jensen


Frequently Asked Questions

When do we plan on launching?

We plan on launching by the end of summer 2014. If you love what we are trying to accomplish, show your support by sharing Snapatr with your friends.

Are videos supported?

Videos will not be supported at this time. People tend to have an order of magnitude more photos than videos. This makes photo organization a much larger painpoint than video organization. Once we master photo organization we will tackle videos.

Are RAW formats supported?

Yes - we support RAW photos from hundreds of different cameras, a full list can be found here. If you don't find your camera on this list, see if you can convert your RAW photos into the DNG format or contact us.

Will I be able to import my photos from Facebook, Instagram, etc?

Yes - we want people to be able to easily import the photos they already have on social networking sites. We plan on implementing this feature soon after launch.

How does auto-tagging friends, family and landmarks work?

Our software goes through your images to find notable landmarks, which are then auto-tagged. Once this is done, the software will find distinct people in your images, then you simply give us a name to the face and we take care of the rest.

What devices do we plan on having apps for?

Planned for launch:
- Website
- Mobile - iOS, Android, Windows Phone
- Desktop - Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu
- TV - Chromecast

On the roadmap we have Google Glass, Roku, Fire TV.

How many photos can I store?

We estimate you can store about 3,000 photos in our 10 GB plan and over 300,000 photos in our 1000 GB plan. This is based on the file size of an average JPEG photo taken from an iPhone 5 camera. RAW and PSD files are much larger and images imported from social networks like Facebook are much smaller.

Need more than 1000 GB of space?

Each additional 1000 GB of space will cost $25/month. Please contact us if you are interested in this - we love hearing from our customers.

Are my photos stored safely?

Yes - to protect your photos we use the most advanced security algorithms. All originals are stored using AES-256, transported using HTTPS and all photos stored on Cache Servers are signed. Each photo has multiple backups stored to ensure we never lose a photo.

What happens to my originals?

Your originals are safely stored on our server and can be downloaded at any time in 1 click.

Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.
― Marc Riboud

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Waterfall image titled Secret Falls , is attributed to Gary Tew .

Made with ♥ in Seattle